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   Safety Equipment

Press Control Options
SSM-20 Sub-Panel
  • Fully Compliant Clutch/Brake Control

  • Fits into existing control box  (17" x 18" needed)    

  • Ties into existing motor starters and disconnect

  • All necessary buttons, key selectors, and lights included

  • Top-stop brake monitor included

  • Plain English Display for system diagnostics


3200 SS Control

  • Fully Compliant Clutch/Brake Control

  • Rugged NEMA Enclosure

  • All necessary buttons, key selectors, and lights included

  • Motor Starters and disconnect can be provided

   Press Automation Controllers

Press Cam 8

  • Fully redundant dual 16-bit computers
  • 11 Programmable Limit Switches (nameable)
  • 16 Die Protection outputs (nameable)
  • 150 Nameable Jobs
  • Time Based Brake Monitor
  • Servo Interface Included
  • Tonnage Monitor option available
  • CD Software for offline changes via RS-232 Port

PressCam 8 Junior

  • 6 Programmable Limit switches (nameable)
  • 6 die protection outputs (nameable)
  • 50 Namable Jobs (nameable)
  • Time Based Brake Monitor
  • Servo Interface
  • Resolver Based
  • CD software for offline changes via RS-232 Port

BM-1600 Brake Monitor Photo

Triad BM-1600 Brake Monitor
  • Dual captive contact safety relays

  • Bright red LED display

  • Non-volatile EEPROM memory

  • Flat unobtrusive design

  • Drive failure detection

  • Motion detector

  • Automatic 90 degree press stop

  • Programming security with keyed selector switch


Closeup Photo of Ergonomic Palm Buttons

     UltraTouch Palm Buttons
  • Two dissimilar sensors

    • Infrared sensor

    • Positive location sensor

  • Redundant circuitry

  • Chatterfree design circuit

  • Anti-noise circuit

  • No false trip on power up circuit

  • Captive contact safety relays

  • Operator status indicators

   NSD Safety Mats

Break thru technology provides digital (on/off) switching for safety mat applications. The advanced NSD switching mechanism provides the following:

  • Open architecture digital mat (on/off) design permits interfacing with all existing types of safety mat controllers, safety PLCs, and safety relay systems for normally open SPST, 4 wire safety mats.

  • The NSD safety mat has no rigid steel electrodes used in the switching mechanism that can rust and dent.

  • The NSD safety mat contains no wiring solder joints within the mat assembly that could degrade or short out. Wiring solder joints can fail under loads such as fork truck or hand cart traffic.

  • NSD flexible electrodes life cycle over 5,000,000 switch activations.



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