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Standard Coil Handling System

System One System One  This systems features a pull off reel and powered straightener to supply a free loop of stock to the electronic feed.  This high speed system is preferred for minimum or non marking light gage operation.
System Two System Two  A versatile system designed for handling a wide range of material widths and thicknesses.  The coil load car provides efficient coil loading.  The combination hold down wheel/peeler/threader end debender and exit thread table allow one operator to power thread material from reel to roll feed entry.
System Three System Three  The electronic feeder straightened removes coil curvature and accurately indexes material into press.  This cost efficient system requires much less floor space than a powered straightener type system.  A hold down wheel and special loop control can be provided for usage with thicker stock.
System Four System Four  This system includes a coil load car and combination hold down wheel/peeler/threader end debender and exit table to efficiently process a wide range of material widths and thicknesses.  The system provides efficient loading, threading and set up operations while minimizing floor space requirements.
System Five System Five  This space saving system was developed to efficiently process up to 1/4" thick coiled steel for operations with limited floor space without sacrificing productivity.  This compact system features hands free power threading for a quick coil changes and a technologically advanced electronic roll feed drive and control package for easy job setup.
System Six System Six  Cradle straighteners are easy to load and will accept any ID of coil.  Heavy duty cradle side plate and nesting rolls confine the coil for control of heavy gage materials.  A properly sized straightener is driven from the common cradle drive fir trouble free payout of straightened material to the electronic feed.  A combination hold down and threading unit may be supplied for handling over 3/16" thick coil steel.
System Seven System Seven  Enclosed loop systems provide safe forced loop storage and is a preferred method for handling heavy gage coil stock.  Power straighteners are specifically designed for inline reverse loop usage.  The enclosed loop system is sized and equipped for the customers specific handling requirements.  These units are matched with a massive electronic roll feed system with a powerful AC closed loop Servo drive system for trouble free handling and feeding of heavy gage coil stock.
System Eight System Eight  This system is essentially the same as System Seven with the addition of a second feed mounted straightener.  The second straightener allows flatness adjustments to be made just prior to the feed roll.
System Nine System Nine  This cost effective system is utilized to handle .060 to .375" thick mild stock in a confined floor space of less than 25'.  The massive cabinet mounted Servo driven feeder-straightener removes coil curvature and accurately indexes material into the press.

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