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Transfer Tooling



Syron's unique modular transfer tooling allows transfer stampers to build a wide variety of fingers to fit almost any transfer application.  The Rail Receiver's (Top two in photo) allow for quick changeover of tooling.


  • Syron is the only gripper manufacturer to make and integrate their own heavy duty sensors.
  • The unique Shovel Jaw ( pictured in center, black ) is under $200
  • All grippers have been tested for strength for millions of cycles
  • Sensors can be integrated with transfer grippers
  • Inductive prox switch with impact resistant potted electronic circuitry
  • Abrasion resistant .035" to .048" thick stainless steel face designed for continuous contact with part being sensed
  • Full line of mounting accessories and signal converters available
Double Blank Analyzer
  • The leading measuring device for material thickness and gauging and parts sorting
  • Available in Single of Multi-Channel controllers
  • 3 Size sensor heads
  • Ideal for all blank loading applications
Suction Cups
  • Syron's unique construction allows for superior performance
  • Available in round bellowed from 2.5" - 4.5"
  • Flat round from 2" to 4"
  • All necessary fittings to fit onto other brands of tooling
  • Also available in flat oval from 1.5" - 5"
  • 2 major automotive manufacturers have made Syron Cups standard equipment at all plants
  • Will hold 30% more than other cups

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